Our Staff

    Sales and operations Manager. Has a Bachelor of arts in International relationships from USIA africa.
    -He established the company in 1996 and is proud to confirm offering service continuously since then. -Has vast experience in vehicle importation, and ready to serve any time. -An alumni of KAGUMO HIGH SCHOOL and KENYATTA UNIVERSITY. -Also teaching at Technical University Of Kenya. -And Currently pursuing a Masters in Computer based Info Systems at Strathmore university. -Feel free to inquire, query, critic and anything else that can help in improving services to our customers.
    Sales executive with the company. On the job learning and executing
    Paul Maina has been a software developer for 18 years and has been focussed more on web-based technologies. Old school technologies still take the cake (tried and tested and faster implementation). He currently works for the UN Environment and is heavily involved in building and maintaining existing applications. He is currently managing the organization's Jira, Bitbucket and Confluence instances as well as managing the server farm hosted on the cloud and wholly running on CentOS.
    sales and social media manager
    Director of the company. Has vast experience with cars and ready to serve.